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Managers of today work in an era of constant change. Increasing competitive pressures, rapid developments in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and a more demanding society altogether pose challenges crying out for effective solutions. Organisations today therefore need to have skilled Managers who can address these demanding challenges and have the ability to develop and implement the most effective business strategies to solve these problems.

The Association of Certified Professional Managers (ACPM) was established in the United Kingdom by a group of highly successful business executives to offer a professional management programme for working executives who need a professional qualification other than an academic BBA or MBA. The ACPM is an International Licensing and Regulatory Professional body formed for the purpose of providing practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business and industrial activity.

The objective of ACPM’s Certified Professional Managers programme is to provide working managers an opportunity to obtain professional qualifications and enhance their abilities to become more effective managers. ACPM also support and promote professionalism in the manner managers conduct themselves when dealing with people and organisations in the business and work environment. Through our membership and certified scheme we also ensure that our members uphold the high standards of management skills and expertise required by all employers in all sectors of economic activity.
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