Professional Development

All ACPMT Member’s are require make a commitment to lifelong learning by completing 10 hours of Professional Development annually to maintain Certified Status. The following activities meet the Professional Development requirement:

• In-House Training, Seminars, Workshops, or Conferences
• College classes (credit or non-credit, classroom or online)
• Journal or Book Publications 
• Facilitating a Certified Training Program

Lifelong learning is a type of self-directed education that emphasises personal growth. While there is no universally accepted definition of lifelong learning, it is commonly understood to relate to learning that takes place outside of a traditional educational setting such as a school, university, or corporate training.

Lifelong learning, on the other hand, does not have to be limited to informal learning. It’s best described as something done voluntarily in order to achieve personal fulfilment. Informal or formal education may be used to achieve this goal.

Lifelong learning can help us reach personal fulfilment and pleasure, whether we are following personal hobbies and passions or professional goals.

It acknowledges that humans have a natural need to explore, learn, and grow, and it encourages us to better our own quality of life and sense of self-worth by focusing on the ideas and goals that motivate us.

ACPMT members can join our sponsored Institutional Partners Locally and Internationally.